After working with hundreds of teacher training students over the years, I view Rachel as one of the most well-rounded, versatile, and reliable yoga practitioners I've had the pleasure of working with.
AstroYoga Teacher, Emily Ridout

About Rachel, your AstroYoga teacher and guide

Welcome to Auric Asana. I’m Rachel Leghissa, your AstroYoga teacher and guide. 

AstroYoga is the practice of skillfully navigating time as an embodied being through the combined techniques of Yoga and Astrology. It’s an ancient practice thousands of years old which can help you learn about your true self, your place in the universe, and navigate your life purpose with clarity. I can help design an AstroYoga practice that guides you back to yourself. 

The first step to aligning with AstroYoga is to track the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. Performing Mudra (seal), Mantra (chant), Pranayama (breath), and Asana (poses) with precision and knowledge can help awaken dormant Zodiac, Planetary, and Chakra energies in your chart and your life. 

While my area of focus is AstroYoga, I teach a broad range of modalities. 

Examples of How to Plan an AstroYoga Practice:

— A group flow based on the location of the Sun and Moon. 

   This practice incorporates postures that support strength and flexibility in the physical areas associated with the Zodiac signs, the Sun and Moon, and build an awareness and Yogic practices of the chakras associated with those signs. 

— A group flow based on a major Planetary theme. 

   This practice is designed around a major transit. Postures and practices are chosen to support the zodiac signs where those planets are placed, as well as the planets involved. 

— A group practice based on the Season. 

   For example, Sun salutes at the solstices; Balancing postures at the equinoxes; and the physical body parts/chakras for the Zodiac signs involved. You can also include planetary rulership and exaltation, if appropriate. 

— A personal practice based on the location of your individual Sun, Moon, and Rising

— A personal practice based on a major planetary transit for you as an individual. 

   For example, supporting you though your Saturn return.

Hatha Yoga Path

I primarily teach the Hatha Yoga path. When I first started teaching in 2015, I taught Power Yoga and Vinyasa, Solar-encoded Yoga practices that heat and activate the body. Since starting my 300hr Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Alliance, I have expanded into Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga Nidra — all considered Lunar-encoded Yoga Practices to cool and calm the body. I am also studying and practicing Pranayama, Mantra, and Mudra and bring to Yoga, my knowledge of breath work and energy healing. 

Palmistry and Tarot aligned with AstroYoga

I am also trained in the complementary practices of Palmistry and Tarot, whose cards contain the “secrets of the universe” and both connect to the elements, each Zodiac sign and each planet. 

How I discovered Yoga:

I first discovered Yoga’s true value while involved in the sport of synchronized swimming. My coaches incorporated Yoga as cross-training to ease the strains and pains from injuries and increase strength and flexibility. What struck me, however, was the emotional calm and mental clarity Yoga brought me, and the fact that I did not feel sore after a Yoga practice. I knew that there was something magical about Yoga I needed to search out.

Multidisciplinary Foundation: 

In addition to my background as a competitive athlete, I have a multidisciplinary foundation as a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer, Fascial Mobility Therapist, and completed a Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion from Durham College in Ontario. To learn more about my Education and Certifications:


When I’m not teaching, I spend my time with my family, my husband, Aaron, and my son, Zen on the beaches of Tofino and of Australia. There is no better way to ground yourself with the universe than to plant your bare feet in the ocean.