Your AstroYoga Membership

AstroYoga is a type of yoga that incorporates Astrological principles into Traditional Yoga practices. This form of yoga helps you align your energy with the movements of the planets, stars, and celestial bodies to enhance your physical and spiritual well-being.

The AstroYoga classes will be released based on the current astrological and planetary transits. These AstroYoga classes will provide optimal energetic alignment that helps your physical and energetic body resonate with the cosmos and the earth. You also have all of the Zodiac Signs and Planets in your own birthchart, so you can return to these practices to invigorate or balance the energies in your own chart.

The Solar Practices are great for invigorating and activating the energy of the Zodiac Signs and the Planets. The Lunar Practices are great for balancing and cooling the energy of the Zodiac Signs and Planets.

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