Astrology + Yoga

= AstroYoga

Astrology and Yoga together form a powerful practice for alignment with your true nature and the universe.

Learn about your true self, your place in the universe, and navigate your life purpose with clarity.

At Auric Asana we align your yoga practice with nature and the universe. When you’re in harmony with nature and the universe, you will naturally feel more balanced mentally, emotionally and physically.

Monthly Membership

The Earth Angel Vortex is our Monthly Membership for those looking to create a fine-tuned yoga practice in alignment with the cosmos.

When you sign up, you will have access to yoga practices that correspond with the current astrological cycles.

You will join a powerful community of Earth Angels who are dedicated to their own personal growth and supporting you in yours.


Our AstroYoga Workshops are specialty class series with specific learning objectives that are achieved through lectures and yogic practices. The various Workshops move from theory to practice, with emphasis on understanding the theory.

They are an opportunity to break down key concepts, themes and deepen your understanding and relationship with AstroYoga practices and yourself.

Most importantly, they are deep dives into your own embodiment of the traits and archetypes that you are wanting to channel into your own life.

1:1 Offerings

I have three ways to connect one on one to support and encourage your growth and healing.

Book a Private AstroYoga Session where you will receive a personalized yoga practice based on your unique astrological birth chart.

Book a Tarot Reading when you are needing a soft place to land for introspection, reflection and validation of your intuition.

Book a Palm Reading when you are needing to shed some light on areas you are being held back in and to reveal the path you are on.

Photo of Rachel Leghissa, Yoga Teacher, Tarot Reader, Palm Reader and Creator of Auric Asana

Hi, I’m Rachel

I have over 8 years experience as a yoga teacher and intuitive. I am here to guide you on the journey back to yourself.

Yoga was the first step in my healing journey from anxiety and depression. But I was confused why I couldn't stay in the state that yoga brought me to permanently. Anytime I felt a change in my energy I was worried I was slipping backwards into depression.

Astrology was the second step in my healing journey. It wasn't until I started to study and understand Astrology that I felt I had a glance at the big picture. What I realized was that I was actually in synch with the universe when my energy ebbed and flowed. It allowed me to finally feel "healed", and to honour the phases I naturally flow through. 

This is why I teach AstroYoga. They are both needed to first understand the self, and then understand the self in relation to the universe.

"Rachel is a talented, intuitive, and intelligent individual. Her empathy and ability to connect with her community is humbling. Not only is she an excellent Yoga teacher, but she is a leader in the spiritual community without ever having to be ostentatious in how much she knows and has to offer ".

- Forest Greenwell